Update: Cryptohopper

Since I wrote a review on Cryptohopper a lot has changed, more users, server, database upgrades and new features.

Let’s show you some of these new features.

UPDATE April 12, 2018 :

  • Only sell with profit. Now you can prevent trailing stop from selling at a loss. Turning this on you will never be called a loser again!

  • Only 1 open buy per order. If you just want one order per coin you can turn this feature on. Perfect option for the monogamous amongst you.

UPDATE March 30, 2018

  • Night mode. Now you can brag to your friends and show how 2018 your bot is. Or avoid sex when you rather trade from the comfort of your bed & don’t want to accidentally wake your h*rny spouse.

  • 1 hour candles because 30 minutes candles stress you out and you enjoy long showers.
  • Beta test Kucoin. Kucoin has been added to the list of exchanges! You asked for it they implemented it. Only visible if you enable beta mode in your account. Finally you can get rid of all the bags you’ve accumulated with your (now) worthless KCS coins.

  • Trailing stop-buy. Your buy signals now follow the price when when it drops and only trigger a buy when the price increases again by a percentage of your choice. Result: less bags except under your eyes.

  • DCA (dollar cost averaging). This is an awesome feature as it allows to double or even triple down on your bags so you can get rid of them. Or triple your bags and make you go rekt like a boss.

  • Triggers, monitor certain conditions & just like social justice warriors act on these. Triggers are coin pair specific. For example if BTC drops by 5% to the dollar you could have it stop the bot.

  • New signallers because let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time for technical analysis.

  • Sell signals on signallers. An excellent option if you think (MACD) is a place where they sell burgers, believe traders suffer a lot from repetitive strain injury (RSI) and have no clue why they keep going on about teaching assistants (TA)

  • Merge and split orders! You can now combine multiple orders into one. Or split up if it’s not working out for you. Whatever makes you happy.


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