Cleaning up Binance dust

You’ve probably noticed the problem, when you buy and sell on Binance you may have ended up with some partial coins. Binance won’t let you trade less than 1 coin, even if you use the market rate. So you are left with an ever growing list of partial coins collecting dust.

You can try manually cleaning up the remaining dust (

But that’s a tedious job and I hate doing things manually when I can automate it.

I came across this awesome script on github

It’s basically a python script that helps you get rid of Binance dust. You can follow the instructions on the github page.

If you have a Mac it’s super easy just run:

pip3 install --user python-binance simple-crypt

Next download the script to a folder of your choice and run:


It’ll ask for an API key to Binance. So I advice to make a temporary API key that allows to execute trades and limit it to your IP address.

Next it basically gives you an interactive command-line interface where you can select into which coin you want your dust to be converted. You also will have to turn off using bnb for fees and turn it back on. That’s a bit tedious but still beats doing all of it manually.

My list of dust was reduced from 27 to 6!

Of course remove the API key once you’re done just to be on the safe side.

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